Fashion Design
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If you are looking for a Toronto art _ design school that offers you an advanced diploma course in Fashion Design, and hope to pursue a career in fashion, the following Art Institute of Toronto program may be just the education you’ve been searching for.

In the Fashion Design program, we emphasize innovation, creativity, and technical skills as a way to help launch your career. You’ll learn computerized patter-making technology, flat pattern drafting, sewing, and draping. As you progress through the program, you’ll be enhancing your conceptual skills as you begin with an idea and then take that idea through the construction process to a finished garment.

You will also have an opportunity to show your creations in a school-sponsored fashion show. You’ll learn, first-hand, the behind-the-scenes drams of putting on a show and how rewarding it can be to finally see your creations hit the runway.

The Fashion Design diploma program provides students with the necessary skills to enter into the workforce in a variety of entry-level positions such as: Assistant Designer, Sample Cutter, Sample Maker, Fabric Librarian, Marker Maker, or Assistant Pattern Maker.