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If you are looking for a Vancouver art & design school that offers you a diploma course in Visual Effects, and hope to pursue a career as an visual effects artist, the following Art Institute of Vancouver program may be just the education you've been searching for.

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The Visual Effects program trains students in two major areas; motion graphics and digital compositing. These interrelated fields deal with design, layering and movement of digital elements and imagery.

Motion graphics is graphic design for broadcast and film, requiring additional skills in television technology, audio, video, animation and experimental graphics. A motion graphic specialist makes type, colours and images move, to communicate, educate, entertain, or build brand value. Examples of motion graphics work include film credits and television network identifiers, ranging from the CBS “eye” and the NBC peacock to the complex moving visuals that precede news or sports broadcast specials.

Digital compositing uses computer software to assemble various component images into a single integrated believable scene. The components that are digitally “layered” could be live action shots, digital animations or still images; combining them required expertise in color and lighting adjustment, motion tracking and other related skills. Examples of digital compositing range from broadcast post-production to feature film visual effects, where imaginary animated elements are combined seamlessly with real world shots.

As technology and software are constantly evolving, students will be trained in diagnostic and problem solving techniques designed to orient them quickly to unfamiliar software environments and solve common technical problems. Finally, students will learn how to communicate an idea or tell a story effectively, as well as how to work in a collaborative environment.


1st Quarter
Fundamentals of Design
Digital Imaging
Life Drawing I
Colour Theory

2nd Quarter
Principles of 3-D Modeling
Production Studio I
Introduction to Video Production
Introduction to VFX
Maps, Mattes, and Masks

3rd Quarter
3-D Animation
Production Studio II
Introduction to Digital Film Editing
Intermediate VFX I
Video for Visual Effects II

4th Quarter
Storyboarding Techniques
Digital Colour Theory for Digital Media & Web
Portfolio Development
3-D Effects
Intermediate VFX II

5th Quarter
Special Topics
Post-Production Management
Matte Painting
3-D Modeling & Animation Techniques I
Advanced VFX I

6th Quarter
Professional Development
Final Production
3-D Modeling & Animation Techniques II
Advanced VFX II

This is a sample schedule only. Class scheduling is subject to change without notice.

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