Culinary Arts Level 1
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If you are looking for a Vancouver art _ design school that offers you a certificate course in Culinary Arts, and hope to pursue a career in the culinary profession, the following Art Institute of Vancouver program may be just the education you've been searching for.

Poaching, roasting, braising and frying: Do these words do more than just make your mouth water? Do they get you wondering how Chefs prepare delicious meals or balance the workload of a busy kitchen? The Culinary Arts – Level I certificate program at The Art Institute of Vancouver – Dubrulle Culinary Arts is ideal for anyone wishing to explore the career options available to them in the world of culinary arts. Curriculum is broad and addresses the fundamental concepts, skills and techniques involved in basic cookery. Students are grounded in the basics and given a clear picture, through lectures and practical use, of how to build a career from the ground-up. Training covers a diverse range of topics, from kitchen operation and nutrition to knife skills and hygiene. Rigorous hand-on kitchen work familiarizes students with cooking techniques, preparation, ingredients, cooking theories and presentation. Our Chef instructors combine classical principles and modern techniques and trends in both the classroom and the kitchen portions of the program. Over four quarters, students prepare, taste, serve and evaluate a wide range of dishes to provide them with insight into the scope of the culinary world.

As students progress through the program, they learn about modern, regional and classical cuisines and practice making their own culinary creations in our instructional kitchens. Successful completion of the program prepares graduates for entry-level jobs such as prep cook, line cook and first cook. Culinary Arts – Level I can be taken independently as a certificate program, or combined with Culinary Arts - Level II as a requirement of the Culinary Arts diploma program.