Culinary Arts Level 2
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If you are looking for a Vancouver art _ design school that offers you a certificate course in Culinary Arts, and hope to pursue a career in the culinary profession, the following Art Institute of Vancouver program may be just the education you've been searching for.

Few occupations offer the creativity, excitement, and growth found in the culinary arts. With dining out gaining popularity as a recreational activity, the food service industry is expanding at a rapid rate. The expectations of consumers are rising accordingly and demands are being placed upon the industry to respond to increasing needs for service, quality, nutrition, and diversity of product and flavour. Building upon the knowledge gained in the Culinary Arts – Level I program, students acquire more advanced skills that will help them meet the challenges and demands of this dynamic industry.

Our Chef Instructors help students expand on their basic cookery skills by teaching the principles behind menu development, cost control, pricing, professional standards of performance, guest relations and communication skills. As always, students continually return to the kitchen to practice new techniques.

At this level of the program, students receive an introduction to the pastry arts, where they learn the basics of fine dessert and pastry-making. These skills are then complemented by instruction in creative decoration and plating skills. Specialized instruction is also given in Asian cuisine, where emphasis is placed on India, the four regions of China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.

As part of the practical training received in this program, students work in the student-run, 40-seat Culinaria restaurant, where they learn to prepare modern and regional North American cuisine, and rotate working in the various positions (both front and back of house) found in any top-end restaurant. In the Externship portion of the program, students work in positions in commercial food service and hospitality establishments approved by The Art Institute of Vancouver – Dubrulle Culinary Arts.

Graduates of the Culinary Arts – Level II program are prepared for employment in entry-level positions in the food service industry, such as prep cook, short-order cook, and line cook.