Professional Recording Arts
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If you are looking for a Vancouver art _ design school that offers you a diploma course in Professional Recording Arts, and hope to pursue a career as an recording artist, the following Art Institute of Vancouver program may be just the education you've been searching for.

The Professional Recording Arts (LIPA) program is a fully articulated block transfer program. Students aspiring to a higher level of academic work and/or are clear about their desire to transfer to the Liverpool Institute of Recording Arts (LIPA) may apply for the articulated program near the beginning of their studies at the Burnaby location of The Art Institute of Vancouver. The program includes all course work in the Professional Recording Arts diploma program with additional academic and project requirements and higher expectations regarding academic achievement. Extra courses include Media Studies and Technology, and Directed Studies. The program requires the completion of a variety of written papers through Directed Studies courses. In addition, students are required to complete a major collaborative project.