Home Furnishings Merchandising
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In the Home Furnishings Merchandising program, students fulfill their creative vision by applying problem-solving skills and design fundamentals to the business, marketing, and sales of home fashions.

Curriculum explores the various categories of home furnishings, as well as the materials used in their construction and manufacture, and the evolution and history of furniture. Creative comprehension of textiles, colour theory and the fundamentals of design complements studies in consumer behaviour, inventory management, visual merchandising, retailing, retail buying, and trends and forecasting. Likewise, students study various aspects of furniture design including human dimensions, materials and fabrications.

Senior students apply their skills and knowledge of the business side of the home furnishings industries through the planning and organization of a special display project. This process lets them explore the various components and practices utilized in the merchandising and sale of products through the completion of a project plan that includes these components. Skills learned throughout the program are applied to the assembly of a formal portfolios are that represents the students’ skills and interest developed throughout the program.