Interior Design
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If you are looking for a Vancouver art _ design school that offers you an advanced diploma course in Interior Design, and hope to pursue a career as an interior designer, the following Art Institute of Vancouver program may be just the education you've been searching for.

Creative people who design interiors conceive the spaces in which we spend most of our lives. We live, work, and play in environments designed by professionals who have a special combination of artistic talent and practical experience.

Interior designers must have a thorough understanding of efficient space planning, human factors, color, pattern, lighting, furniture, and materials. Whether working for architectural or interior design firms, hotel or restaurant chains, department or furniture stores, or independently as consultants or proprietors, accomplished designers are adept at working with clients and understanding their needs.

The courses of our Interior Design program are carefully balanced to provide a three-dimensional understanding of space, form, and function. In early classes, students learn the basics of drawing, drafting, color, design, and the fundamentals of space planning and perspective.

In the Interior Design program, students move on to explore the concept of design as the intermediary between architecture and the user. They study detailing, systems, construction, and materials and learn presentation techniques. market realities are stressed, too.

With either diploma by graduation, students have learned to control space through the application of their art forms.

We place major emphasis on the development of a working professional portfolio for every interior Design student. Graduates are qualified for entry-level positions such as draftsperson, assistant designer, and facilities or space planner.